UBIRIS.v1 database is composed of 1877 images collected from 241 persons during September, 2004 in two distinct sessions. Its main characteristic result from the fact that, in opposition to the existing public and free databases (CASIA and UPOL ), it incorporates images with several noise factors, thus permitting the evaluation of robustness iris recognition methods.

For the first image capture session, the enrollment one, we tried to minimize noise factors, specially those relative to reflections, luminosity and contrast, having installed image capture framework inside a dark room.

In the second session we changed the capture place in order to introduce natural luminosity factor. This propitiates the appearance of heterogeneous images with respect to reflections, contrast, luminosity and focus problems. Images collected at this stage simulate the ones captured by a vision system without or with minimal active participation from the subjects, adding several noise problems. These images will be on the recognition stage compared to the ones collected during first session.


Hardware Framework and Set-Up


Camera Model Nikon E5700           

Software E5700v1.0

Color Representation RGB             

Focal Length 71 mm

Exposure Time 1/30 sec.                   

ISO Speed ISO-200

Images Width 2560 pixels                

Height 1704 pixels

Horizontal Resolution 300 dpi        

Vertical Resolution 300 dpi

Bit Depth 24                                          

Format JPEG


Image Classification


All images from both sessions are classified with respect to three parameters (‘Focus’,‘Reflections ’and ‘Visible Iris ’) in a three values scale (‘Good’, ‘Average’and ‘Bad ’). The classification statistics are detailed in the following table and allow another evaluation factor: robustness to noisy signals and respective fault-tolerant behavior.

Parameter             Good                        Average                   Bad

Focus                       73.83%                     17.53%                     8.63%

Reflections            58.87%                     36.78%                     4.34%

Iris visible             36.73%                     47.83%                     15.44%





UBIRIS.v1 database can be downloaded in “Zip” format. This file is password protected. To obtain the password it is necessary to send an email message to one of the authors with the following format:


“Subject”: UBIRIS password





Authorization  to publish (or not) this information on UBIRIS web site.


Database                                 Format


[DOWNLOAD]             800 x 600 - 24 bit color (436 MB)

[DOWNLOAD]             200 x 150 - 24 bit color (96 MB)

[DOWNLOAD]             200 x 150 - Grayscale (65 MB)



Hugo Pedro Proença and Luís A. Alexandre

Please cite the following reference when using UBIRIS:


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UBIRIS Database